A camel as forklift aid ...

A strange headline for a lift table manufacturer. But a closer look quickly reveals why this lift table makes us think of a camel. The number of humps may not be quite correct, but we will overlook this ...

What is the scissor lift table used for?

The scissor lift in the illustration is used in a weaving mill for industrial screens. In the production process, the lift table carries out the classic task of a lifting work table. The workers can stack the screens at a work height that is convenient for them. As soon as a scissor lift table is fully loaded, it is picked up by a forklift and the process starts all over again.

Why not simply use a Euro pallet?

The function of the three humps should soon become clear. They allow the forks of the forklift to be inserted underneath the screens making it easy to lift the stack.

A pallet would of course perform the same function. Due to the special dimensions of the industrial screens, however, new, exactly fitting pallets would have to be created for this process time and again. This motivated the customer to quickly switch to the simpler method by stacking the screens in the warehouse on different squared timbers, which can easily be repositioned.
To eliminate the additional work step with the squared timbers the employees, attention was paid to the correct platform geometry when selecting the scissor lift table .

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