Aerial work platform as an ergonomic workstation

Aerial work platforms not only make work easier, they also pay off economically. Why? We’ll try to explain with the following example ...

Aerial work platform for the assembly of transformers

This aerial work platform is part of a production line and is used for the assembly of transformers. The advantage of the aerial work platform is that its height can be adjusted. This allows the employee to choose the optimal work height for him. In addition, the handrail of the longitudinal railing can be removed so that the workpiece is easy to reach. This prevents an unfavourable body posture, which in the long run can lead to musculoskeletal complaints. Not only is this beneficial to the health of the employee, but it also improves the quality and performance of the work. After all, healthy employees are more motivated and productive and are absent less frequently.
The following video roughly shows how the aerial work platform works.

Occupational safety

Occupational safety is an important issue, especially when the transportation of people is allowed. As the aerial work platform can be operated from the platform, it is not possible to see the entire bottom hazard area. An acoustic warning signal sounds during lifting and lowering to alert people walking around of the potential risk posed by the scissoring movement.

Another safety plus is the electrically queried handrail of the longitudinal railing. Movement is only possible when the handrail is inserted. This means that the employee does not have to be afraid of falling off the platform if he forgets to put the handrail in place.

Stability is another point. Which employee would like to work on an unstable platform? Our robust and solid structure gives the employee a feeling of safety even at a height, so that he can concentrate on the actual work.

Lifting castors

The mobile feature of the working platform means that the employee can use it flexibly at any location. This is made possible by the lifting castors on the base frame. Although the lifting castors can be moved like swivelling castors, the aerial work platform rests on feet instead of wheels during lifting and lowering. The advantage is a firmer stand. The platform is conveniently locked using the foot pedal.

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