Aerial work platform for assembly work on trucks

Using aerial work platforms to save time on the assembly line production of trucks makes perfect sense. The aerial work platforms not only enable the employees to reach the correct work position quickly and effortlessly, but also enable them to store tools within easy reach. The result is ergonomic, time-optimised production and assembly workstations that contribute to increased productivity.

Special features

As with many of our aerial work platforms, this aerial work platform also has some special features.

Why don’t the aerial work platforms have railings?

There is no need for railings on the platform as only a low effective stroke of 250 mm is required for assembly work on the chassis. Railings for platforms with people access are only required from a fall height of 500 mm. This saves on the time it takes to remove the railings.


If the effective stroke is less than the overall height, a sheet metal apron consisting of only one segment can be provided as a barrier in a pit installation. The sheet metal apron not only protects against crushing by the scissors, but is also a cost-effective alternative to corrugated wire-mesh screens/PVC roller screens and foot protection strips.

Anti-slip coating

To increase the non-slip properties of the working platform and to minimise the risk of injury due to slipping, the platform can be equipped with a 20 mm surrounding edge for a rubber lining provided by the customer. The rubber lining increases safety when working on the platform.

Terminal strip instead of control unit

Wiring on a terminal strip is recommended if the control system needs to be adapted to the cycle times of assembly line production. The advantage is the easier integration into the higher-level control system of the customer's complete plant.

Maintenance stroke

The aerial work platform must be regularly maintained to ensure its safe and proper operation. Some work must be carried out under the platform for this purpose. As working under the platform is not possible due to the pit installation, the sheet metal apron and the effective stroke of 250 mm, the working platform has a maintenance stroke of 600 mm. This means that the aerial work platform can be raised out of the pit for easy maintenance. The corresponding lifting heights are set by lowering and lifting limit switches.

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