Classic loading lift table

With this reference project we present a loading lift table with typical dimensions and features.

What distinguishes a classic loading lift table?

In addition to the standard equipment for lift tables, the loading lift table shown here has other accessories which are characteristic of loading lifts. These include, for example, the loading flaps. To facilitate unloading from and loading onto trucks, these flaps can be placed on the tail lift. This eliminates the gap between the truck and the loading platform, so that the goods can be transferred without risk. 

Another point is the hot-dip galvanising of the platform, its superstructure and the base frame. This is necessary because loading lift tables are usually used outside in the open and need to be protected from the weather. For the same reason, the control system is also designed in IP65. IP 65 offers protection against jets of water, so that rain cannot damage the control system. To reduce the water hazard of lift tables in outdoor areas, bio-oil is also often used.

The railings on both long sides are insertable. This means that they can be removed from the platform when it is in the lowest lifting position so that the platform can be driven over. In this case the scissor lift table can take a wheel load of 1 ton. Of course, higher wheel loads are also possible. Please discuss your requirements with us when making the enquiry so that we can take the higher load into account. The insertable railings are also electrically queried so that they are not forgotten when the lift table is raised. The loading lift table will not lift without the inserted railings.

As the operator can ride along on the platform and the control unit is installed on the gantry, the hazard area underneath the platform must be protected. Corrugated wire-mesh screens on one narrow and on both long sides are intended to prevent people from entering the hazard zone unnoticed.

Which variants are possible?

Because we are manufacturers, we can be flexible in our response to your wishes and the conditions on site. Payloads up to 16 tons are no problem for us. The dimensions can also vary, as can the surface protection. A fully galvanised scissor lift table can of course also be supplied. Just talk to us, it’s as easy as that. We look forward to your enquiry.

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