Column lift for heavy goods transport

If goods need to be transported over several levels, our column lifts are the right choice to use as simplified goods lifts ...

Description of application

The column lift shown here is used to bring industrial goods from the basement to the ground floor while it bridges the difference in level between the new and old halls at the same time. The goods lift consequently stops at three landings. However, it is not always possible to load or unload goods from the same side. At the top landing, goods are handled on the opposite side. For this reason, the column lift was designed as a front-and-rear-opening lift.


As the goods lift travels through a breakthrough in the floor, the entire hazard zone created by the moving lifting mechanism cannot be seen. This makes a full enclosure  of the landings with electromechanically lockable doors an absolute necessity. It is also a prerequisite for the automatic operation of the system. The column lift is equipped with a pressure switch to prevent it from being overloaded. It signals the operator immediately if the weight on the platform is too heavy. The chequer plate provides better slip resistance during loading and unloading. A secure foothold is essential, especially when handling heavy loads.

The goods being transported also need to be protected. The railings are one such measure. The open sections between the railing framework are covered to prevent the goods from sliding between the railing beams and to avoid crushing and shearing points. The light barrier acts as additional protection against shearing on the breakthrough in the floor. If goods protrude over the railing, the laser beam of the light barrier is interrupted and the lifting process stops to prevent the goods from being crushed. Pre-stroke and pre-lowering limit switches are installed for a soft approach of the landings. The prevents the lift from stopping jerkily. An important aspect, especially for sensitive goods.

As flexible as your needs

Although we also use a modular system for our column lifts, we can adapt the components to the existing conditions on site. Whether you need different platform dimensions, load capacities, lifting heights or even an unusual dimension for the landing doors, we can customise every goods lift. But we are also flexible with regard to installation. You can have the goods lift installed by your own technicians or we can take care of the commissioning and instructions at your site. Please just give us a heads-up during the quotation stage.

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