Column lift with great talent

As you can see, the lift table has a large platform. The platform area of 12.5 m² is needed to store props for a theatre on the top floor of a two-storey hall.

Why did our customer decide on a column lift?

The height difference to the second floor is more than 3 metres. Installing a lift table instead of the column lift would have required a significantly deeper pit. The reason for this is the scissor packs that serve as the lifting mechanism. 
Because the lifting mechanism of the column lift is placed next to the platform, the pit depth is no more than 18 cm, even with the dimensions mentioned above. This is a great advantage when a deep pit is not feasible.

Stability despite free-standing version?

As you can see in the video, there are no walls in the immediate vicinity of the column lift that could absorb the transverse and tilting forces of the column lift. For this reason, stiffeners have been provided on the side of the guide column to transfer the corresponding forces into the ground. This makes the simplified goods lift safe and stable even as a freestanding version.

How safe is the column lift?

As the system has been equipped for automatic operation and the hazard zone is not completely visible to the operator, both the top and bottom landings are completely enclosed with wire-mesh enclosures and the access doors are electromechanically locked. This prevents an unnoticed intrusion into the hazard zone. A railing around the platform prevents the props from falling down while being transported. The open sections of the railing are covered with metal sheets to protect the props against crushing and shearing. The floor extension is secured by light barriers so that the stored goods reach the second level without damage.

Other features are:

  • A gantry on the platform for symmetrical and stable guidance, even with off-centre loads.
  • Pre-stroke and pre-lowering limit switches for soft approach of the landings.
  • An electric pressure switch for load monitoring as protection against overload.

You may wonder whether the column lift is approved for transporting people. As the column lift was designed as a simplified goods lift, people may enter the platform for loading and unloading but may not be transported on it. Additional safety technology is required for passenger transport, but this is also reflected in the price. As a manufacturer of lift tables and goods lifts, we have specialised in transporting loads and goods.

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