Customised simplified goods lift

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What is the goods lift used for?

Our goods lifts are exclusively designed to transport loads. This column lift is designed to transport paper bales between two levels. To prevent the paper bales from tipping over during transportation and falling over the railing into the lift shaft, the 3-sided railing on the platform is 2.80 metres high instead of the usual 1.10 metres. This means that the paper bales cannot fall off the platform to the left or right. The goods lift is also equipped with two speeds to ensure smooth operation. The goods lift slows down both at the beginning and the end to prevent it from bumping against the end stops with full force. Rubber buffers at the bottom landings ensure that the platform is set down gently.
The platform is raised for convenient loading with electric high-lift stackers. This is possible because the simplified goods lift was designed as a column lift and therefore no pit is necessary.

Including installation and instruction

As can be seen in the images, the bottom landing enclosure is extra high, i.e. up to the ceiling. This necessitated some customisation, as the structural conditions, such as the floor extensions, require special recesses. The special design does not always make installation easy, though. For this reason, our customer has asked us to take care of the installation. Our experienced staff make light work of a professional installation. And a subsequent training session then ensures that the simplified goods lift is operated safely. During this instruction, all the users receive instructions on operation, safety equipment and risks.

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