Double-scissor lift table as simplified goods lift

In addition to being used as a loading lift table or lifting work table, our scissor lift tables are also often used as simplified goods lifts. This enables the efficient transportation of goods between two floors, also of larger and heavy loads.

What does simplified goods lift mean?

We are often asked what the difference is between a scissor lift and a simplified goods lift .
We are not aware of an official definition of these terms, but the following explanation has prevailed in the industry:

  • Goods lifts = transportation of goods and/or people
  • Goods lift = transportation of goods with an accompanying person
  • Simplified goods lift = transportation of goods without an accompanying person

As already indicated, we have specialised in the last group, the simplified goods lifts.

How does it differ from a single scissor lift table?

Now the question arises, of course, if an accompanying person is not permitted, what is the exact difference to a ready-made single scissor lift table ?

We have already this question in depth in the article Using a lift table as a goods lift, so that I would like to limit myself here to mentioning the basic differences.

A simplified goods lift has a more complex control system that enables, for example, solenoid interlocks for the doors, an automatic mode and also load monitoring at every landing. Furthermore, the hydraulics are equipped with higher quality safety valves, because although a person is not allowed to ride on the lift platform, they must be possible to enter it for loading and unloading.

The special feature in the installation situation

Our simplified goods lifts are usually installed in exactly fitting shafts. This means there is a maximum gap of 30 mm between the platform and the surrounding smooth wall. In this case it was different.

The shaft is quite close to the platform on three sides, but there is a kind of anteroom at the bottom landing, which is a potential safety risk. The anteroom itself can only be entered via an electromechanically secured fire door. This makes access only possible when the platform is at the bottom landing.
But what if a person is in the anteroom and someone else sends the lift table up? It would of course be possible for this person to step under the raised lift table and be injured when the lift table is lowered again.
A danger that is not acceptable. For this reason, a light curtain for personal safety was installed in the anteroom for monitoring. This means that the platform can only be moved from the bottom landing when there is no person in the anteroom and all safety doors have been closed.

To answer an anticipated question right away. This solution is more expensive than an additional secured landing door directly at the lift table. Therefore, we really only recommend them in exceptional cases. In the case at hand, the fire door had to be placed in front to protect the fire sections.

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