Double-scissor lift table for a punching machine

This double-scissor lift table is used in the area of a punching machine for packaging. The customer has installed a rack with storage compartments on the platform surface to make work easier.

Place of use of the lift table

The company MM Graphia Bielefeld GmbH produces packaging for confectionery, cigarettes and food. Some of the packaging is die-cut after the sheets have been printed. To reduce set-up times and at the same time enable an ergonomic working method, the company has ordered a lift table with double scissors from us.

The customer installed a rack with storage compartments on the lift table platform, which holds the various templates for the punching machine. The lift table raises or lowers the desired compartment to an ergonomically favourable work height and the template can comfortably be taken out and placed back after use.

Special features

Compact design

What is striking about this double-scissor lift table is the very compact design. For example, the platform is only 600 millimetres wide, which leaves little space for the hydraulic cylinder. To not endanger the stability of this compact design, the base frame was firmly anchored to the concrete floor with chemical anchor bolts to exclude the risk of tipping over during operation.

Surface protection

In this case, the customer opted for a hot-dip galvanised platform and a hot-dip galvanised base frame as surface protection. This is always an ideal option when the lift table is used outdoors, the platform is driven over and the scissor lift table is installed in a pit.

Due to the pit installation, water could get to the base frame, causing it starts to corrode after a few years. With a galvanised scissor lift table this risk is avoid, even if the water drainage is blocked.
A hot-dip galvanised platform is always a good choice when the lift table is loaded and unloaded with a pallet truck or similar. The rollers of the pallet truck usually cause the paint on the platform surface to chip off over time and the lift table becomes unsightly. A hot-dip galvanised surface is much more durable.

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