Double-scissor lift tables for roller containers

They are used to move 2.5-m-high roller containers between two levels. The system has a total of sixty-two scissor lift tables with four variations of lift tables. The average batch size was sixteen lift tables.

Special features of this lift table variant

Operation, control system and drive

This double-scissor lift table is equipped with an external power unit. It is installed on an oil drip tray with a back plate, allowing the control unit to also be installed directly above the power unit.
The lift table is operated by two foot switches. The control system is designed as a dead man's control, so that the lifting or lowering movement stops automatically when the corresponding foot switch is released.

Centring aids on the platform

There are two recesses in the lift table platform that accommodate the wheels of the roller container and prevent it from moving unintentionally during the lifting or lowering motion.
To prevent the roller container from being pushed too far, there are not only indentations but also stop brackets on the platform.

Safety equipment

In addition to the usual safety equipment, such as the pressure relief valve or a foot protection safety edge, the lift table is also fitted with a surrounding bellows.
This serves as a barrier and prevents people from easily entering the hazard zone below the lift table platform.

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