Ergonomic workspace of a different kind

Lift tables play a crucial role in promoting ergonomics in the workplace. They allow for the raising of pallets or workpieces to an optimal working height, which significantly simplifies handling for employees. In this project, we also encountered a unique challenge …

Downward instead of upward

While most lift tables raise loads, this special scissor lift table works the other way around: machines that require assembly work are placed on the lift table and then lowered to the desired working height. This approach allows employees to comfortably reach higher parts of the machine without having to adopt an uncomfortable posture.

Why isn't a elevating work platform being used?

It might initially seem unusual to lift machines instead of employees, as this approach comes with certain challenges: For instance, when the lift table is in its lowest position, the pit might pose a fall hazard. Additionally, the pit has to be constructed first.

Nevertheless, the advantages of a work lift table can outweigh these issues:

  • A work lift table is usually more cost-effective than a elevating work platform: Compared to a elevating work platform, an assembly lift table has a simpler structure. When lifting people, as is the case with a elevating work platform, additional safety measures and equipment are necessary, such as electrical lock valves and an emergency release.
  • Simple material and tool supply: Since the employee can work at floor level in the hall, the required materials and tools can be brought to the workplace using simple manual lift trucks and powered pallet trucks. There's no need to repackage onto the scissor lift platform.

Safety measure against the risk of falling

When the unladen scissor lift platform is in its lowest position, there is a risk that an employee could fall into the open shaft. To prevent this, installing a guardrail is essential. This safety barrier features an electromechanically secured door that can only be opened when the lift table platform is at floor level.

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