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Apart from our standardised loading lift tables, we also supply customised solutions that are specifically designed to meet customer needs and requirements. One example is the lift tables shown in the CAD model.

Description of application

The loading lift tables stand in front of a smooth and vertically closed ramp. What is special about these scissor lift tables is the short lifting and lowering times. Only 7 seconds are needed in each case to bridge the difference in height between the loading ramp and the yard level. As the time factor is particularly important in the logistics industry, the quick lifting process supports efficient goods handling.

Well equipped for demanding tasks

In view of the high workload of the loading platforms, it is advisable to have bearing points that can be lubricated. This allows the bearings to be regularly lubricated via the grease nipples, and so prevent premature wear and extend the service life. Our objective is for you to enjoy our products for a long time.

Cost reduction through customer performance

Measures must be taken to prevent people from falling from a potential fall height of 500 mm. As people enter the platforms during loading and unloading, they may fall from the platform if there are no on-site walls or the like.
In this example, our customer has expressed the wish to construct and install the necessary railings himself. For this reason, we have provided two foot plates on each of the long sides of the platforms where the railings can be attached. It should be noted, however, that in this case the responsibility for the CE marking now rests with the customer.

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