Freestanding column jack

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Description of application

A new mezzanine level was added in the warehouse of our customer. It was necessary to install a lift system to transport the goods to the second level. As only goods are transported, the customer decided on our simplified goods lift. Not only the good price-performance ratio is an advantage, but also the adaptability. Compared to lift tables, the lifting height and platform can be chosen relatively freely due to the fact that the lifting mechanism of the column lift is situated next to the platform. This allowed our column lift to be adapted to the on-site conditions and a freestanding version could be installed. The forces that occur in the free-standing version are absorbed by the side stiffeners on the guide column. The video below provides a short impression of the column lift.

Automatic operation

This column lift runs automatically. This means short waiting times for employees, as they can load the platform, close the doors and simply select the desired level, which the column lift then moves to automatically. Unlike with a dead man's control, the worker does not have to keep the button pressed in. However, it is important that the entire hazard zone is demarcated during automatic operation so that no persons can be endangered by the moving lift. For this reason, the column lift is fitted with an enclosure at both the top and the bottom landing.

Special features

As the column lift is used to transport delicate goods, the goods lift has a pre-lifting and pre-lowering limit switch for a smooth approach of the landings. This prevents jerking when the landing is reached and the goods arrive at the desired level without damage.
The column lift is also equipped with a pressure switch for load monitoring to prevent overloading. The pressure switch protects the simplified goods lift from excessive mechanical stress.

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