Goods lift for a retirement home

Simplified goods lifts are not only produced for industrial purposes. In this case, the column lift stands in a retirement home ...

Description of application

The simplified goods lift is used to transport stored goods such as food packages or laundry from the basement to the ground floor. The lift stops at two landings. As the goods lift is only designed to transport goods, an on-site staircase for the staff must be accessible within a radius of ten metres.

Special features

As a rule, the pit is not constructed until the release drawing has been received to match the product. In this case, however, a deep pit was already available for this purpose. Actually too deep for a column lift. And for this reason we supplied a raised platform. The advantage of the elevation is the cavity underneath the platform. This was used for the drive unit (see photos below). An inspection opening in the platform provides access to the power unit and the control unit in the lowest lift position. Inspection, maintenance and repair work can be carried out through this flap.

What also merits special mention was the installation of the column lift. Delivering the column lift to the installation site was carried out under difficult conditions, as accessibility was restricted due to narrow doors and corridors. Not an easy task in view of the heavy components of the goods lift. This challenge was overcome with the help of a compact mobile crane which is especially used in confined spaces. If you also have to deal with difficult installation conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 
Jointly, we will find a solution.

Safety equipment

In addition to the standard safety equipment such as landing enclosures, railings, pressure switches for load monitoring, pre-lifting and pre-lowering limit switches for a smooth approach to the landings, the column lift also has specific safety features that depend on the installation. For instance, this lift is fitted with a light barrier to protect it from shearing against the ceiling breakthrough. In addition, the platform edge is marked with warning stripes.

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