Goods lift for a senior residence

Simplified goods lifts are not limited to industrial applications. An excellent example of their wide range of uses is the deployment of a column lift in a senior home.

Application description for our goods lift

Our goods lift is used to transport warehouse items such as food packages or laundry from the basement to the ground floor, serving two stops in total. 
Since the goods lift is designed solely for cargo transport, a stairway constructed on-site within a ten-meter radius is required to provide operators access to the different levels.

By using our goods lift, facilities can enhance their operational efficiency while also reducing the physical strain on staff by moving heavy loads easily and safely between levels.

Comprehensive safety features

Our hydraulic lift is equipped with numerous safety features that are both standard and specifically designed for the installation situation at hand.

Examples of our standard safety features include:

  • Safety barriers and railings: These provide additional protection at the stops and prevent the falling of loads or persons.
  • Pressure switch for load monitoring: This switch ensures that the elevator's load capacity is not exceeded.
  • Pre-lift and pre-lower limit switches: They allow for a smooth approach to the stops.

Specific safety features include:

  • Light curtain: A light curtain has been specifically installed as protection against shearing hazards at the ceiling penetration. It interrupts operation if an object is detected in the beam.
  • Warning markings on the platform edge: These markings increase the visibility of the platform edge and serve as an additional safety measure.

This combination of standardized and customized safety features makes our hydraulic lift a safe choice.

Specifics in the installation of the goods lift

In this project, we faced a unique challenge: there was already a deep pit that was actually too deep for a column lift. To solve this problem, we supplied a raised platform. The great advantage of this solution lies in the free space under the platform, which was efficiently used to accommodate the drive unit. 
An inspection opening in the platform ensures that the unit and controls are accessible for inspection, maintenance, or repair work even in the lowest lifting position.

The installation of the goods lift itself was also challenging, as access to the installation site was severely limited by narrow doors and corridors. Despite the heavy components of the column lift, the installation was successfully carried out with a compact mobile crane, which is specifically used in confined spaces.

If you face similar challenges when installing a goods lift, feel free to call us - we will find a solution that fits your specific requirements. Follow the link below to find your appropriate contact person.

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