Goods lift to transport goods between two levels

The goods lift shown in the photo is used to transport pallets between levels. It is installed outside in front of a ramp that is closed downward. There is a wall on each of the long sides of the platform. A double-scissor lift table is used to bridge a relatively large difference in level has in relation to the size of the platform.

Well equipped against bad weather

Hot-dip galvanising

There are a few points to take into account when lift tables stand outdoors. These include, for example, hot-dip galvanising, which protects the steel components against corrosion. In many cases, however, it is sufficient if only the platform and the base frame are coated with a zinc layer. The scissors usually only need a coat of exterior paint as they are not permanently in contact with moisture, unlike the other steel elements. For external painting, the scissors are blasted, primed, the joints sealed and then painted. This adequately protects the scissors.

Chequer plate

Another aspect is the chequer plate on the platform. This increases the slip resistance in a damp and greasy environment. The risk of falling when stepping on the scissor lift table is significantly reduced by the chequer plate.

Sequence of events

If the lift table is installed in a pit, as in this case, drainage must be provided so that any rainwater that penetrates can drain off. It is important to note that the drain must be checked at regular intervals for leaves or dirt so that it does not clog.

Safety equipment


A barrier must be installed as the entire goods lift is not visible to the operator when the scissor lift is controlled from the top landing. In this case the lift table was fitted with a PVC roller screen. The PVC roller screen is intended to prevent people from being in the hazard area underneath the platform during lifting or lowering. A corrugated wire-mesh screen can be supplied instead of the PVC roller screen as an optional alternative. The advantage of the corrugated wire-mesh screen is that it offers little windage surface and is also visible.


The high building ramp is another source of danger. The galvanised gantry on the platform serves as fall protection. It acts as a railing on the retracted lift table. The sufficient headroom of the gantry still allows easy loading and unloading at the top landing.

Railing gate

A railing gate must be installed from a lifting height of 500 mm. This is electromechanically locked, which means that the lift table can only be moved when the gate is closed. In this case the gate on the platform prevents a fall when entering the lift during loading or unloading in the topmost position.

Key switch

The control unit is operated with a key switch to protect the lift platform against unauthorised access. This allows only a selected group of people to operate the lift.

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