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How do you install heavy loads at a great height? An aerial work platform alone is often not he answer, as these are usually not designed for loads weighing several tons. Then why not create a symbiosis of a mobile lift table and an aerial work platform ...

Description of application

Our customer installs heavy ceiling heaters and was looking for a way to install the radiant heaters as comfortably as possible at a height of almost 6 metres. As the mast is always in the way when using a forklift, this alternative was out of the question. It had to be something that could lift the load to directly under the ceiling. The solution: our mobile lift table.

Because the platform has no superstructure, the load can be lifted to just below the mounting position. The undercarriage makes the scissor lift table flexible to be used. What is special about the undercarriage is the wheels. Two swivelling castors and two fixed castors are normally used. In this case, however, the lift table was fitted with four swivelling castors to achieve optimum fine positioning. This makes it relatively easy to position the lift table exactly where it is really needed. The adjustable supports on the side of the wheels release the pressure on the rollers. They also offer more stability.. Which is not at all unimportant given the enormous height.
To allow the worker to install the heating elements on the ceiling, he must of course also be lifted to the appropriate height. For this reason, the worker travels with the aerial work platform directly next to the lift table so that he can easily reach the installation elements.

Special features

As the heating elements are installed throughout Germany, the lift table must be transportable. To enable this, there are lifting eyes on the side of the wheels, so that the lift table can simply be hooked to a crane, placed on the transport vehicle and brought to its destination. Of course, our lift table can also be equipped with other features. Please have a look at our lift table accessories page.

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