Kitchen delivery in the basement

This loading lift table is used in the delivery area of a kitchen of Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V. (St John's Ambulance Association). As St John’s had to leave their previous premises, the architect at the time asked us for help in opening the basement to be able to continue to offer "meals on wheels" to the region.

The question often arises when space is limited as to how the available space can best be accessed. So also in this case. Although St John’s Ambulance is the tenant of the entire property, it was no longer possible to have the kitchen on the ground floor.
This area was already reserved for the ambulances, so it was necessary to move it to the basement or the top floor. The logical question was as to how we will now get the pre-prepared meals from the kitchen to the vehicles as efficiently as possible.

Our customer's solution

In this case our customer decided to place the kitchen in the basement. The corresponding rooms could easily be converted for the new application and even the height difference of almost two metres was no problem with the right lifting technology.

Our lift platform

Bei dem installierten Scherenhubtisch handelt es sich um eine recht einfache Konstruktion. Die Basis stellt ein Verladehubtisch dar, welcher für den Außenbereich konzipiert ist. Das heißt, die Elektrik ist in der Schutzklasse IP65 ausgeführt und die Plattform, wie auch der Unterrahmen wurden feuerverzinkt.

Als kleine Besonderheit: Auch das Hydraulikaggregat befindet sich im Außenbereich. Eine von uns empfohlene Aufstellung innerhalb des Gebäudes, bzw. unter einer Rampe war leider nicht möglich. Daher haben wir das Aggregat in diesem Fall mit einer feuerverzinkten Witterungsschutzhaube, sowie einer feuerverzinkten Leckölwanne ausgestattet.

The operation

The ready food trolleys can now be pushed from the kitchen directly onto the scissor lift table at the bottom landing, the roll-stop is quickly placed in position and the lift table is ready to move up.
As soon as the platform reaches the top landing, the solenoid interlock is released so that the food trolley can be removed again.

With a working load limit (WLL) of one ton , the scissor lift is of course also suitable for delivering goods to the kitchen.

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