Lift table as body tipper

Tilting tables offer a wide range of possible applications. They are popular, for example, as a component of conveyor lines to set the goods to be transported for removal upright from a lying position or, as in this case, to improve the ergonomics in assembly line production.

Description of application

The tipper shown here is used to tilt car bodies by 90 °. This makes it easier to install the electric wiring. The vehicle body is picked up with a tilting frame equipped with cantilever arms. These arms can swivel, as the vehicle bodies are fed by rail-bound transport trolleys, which prevent loading from the front. As on-site video recordings are not permitted, we have made a short video in our company. We hope that this will give you an idea of the practical use of the lift table

Safety equipment

To prevent the cantilever arms from colliding with the platform during the manual unfolding process, stops have been provided which limit the swivelling movement to 90 ° in each case. They are locked by means of plug pins. A bracket on the top support mast of the tilting frame stops the body from slipping during the tilting process. The bracket is adjustable so that different body sizes can be worked on. An electrically unlockable check valve on the cylinders serves as a safety device. This prevents the oil from leaking out of the cylinder in case a hose ruptures or if a pipe breaks. The scissor lift table does not drop uncontrollably. If the lift platform must still be moved, the operating coil can be activated. This opens the valve and allows the platform to be raised and lowered.

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