Lift table for a potentially explosive atmosphere

In paint booths, the right equipment is crucial for safety and efficiency. Our lift table, specifically designed for hazardous areas, not only improves ergonomics at the workplace but also ensures consistently high quality of the painting work.

Enhanced ergonomics and quality through ATEX lift table

In our client's paint booth, a monorail system is used to transport the components to be processed. For a flawless paint job, employees need to be able to easily access every part of the component. Due to the fixed height of the monorail and varying heights of the employees, this has been a challenge.

To meet this requirement, we have supplied an ATEX scissor lift table for the painting facility. With a simple push of a button, each employee can adjust the working height of the table to their individual needs and height. This adaptability not only leads to a more ergonomic working posture but also enhances the quality of the paint job, as now even hard-to-reach parts of the component can be painted effortlessly.

Special design features of the ATEX lift table

The installed lift platform stands out due to its unique design features from our standard lift tables.

For example, it features an open frame construction with angled frames instead of a classic platform. This allows for the insertion of galvanized sheets as splash guards and the use of replaceable grating.

In addition to the scissor lift platform, our system also includes an inclined ramp and loading flaps covered with a slip-resistant surface made of aluminum quintet plate. These elements serve as an access ramp to the lift table platform.

To keep costs low and ensure safety in the Ex-zone, the hydraulic system was designed so that the drive unit is separate from the lift table. As a result, the hydraulic unit and the switch cabinet are located outside the hazardous area, which allows for the use of cost-effective standard components and reduces the need for expensive parts specially developed for the Ex-zone. Only the limit switch and the manual control were specially adapted.

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