Lift table for mounting a scale

The two lift tables shown above are very similar to our H-0200-0800-0010 standard table
. They provide a little assistance in order picking. This article is about the slight modifications that have been implemented.

Load cell

Our 2,000 kg standard lift table is often used as a practical helper in shipping or order picking operations. The weight of the goods on the lift table is immediately determined by the customer's installation of a non-powered roller conveyor with a load cell. This eliminates the need to weigh the goods separately. Of course the scale can also be supplied by Janzen Lifttechnik GmbH. Contact us so that we can send you a tailor-made offer.

Speed matters

To keep both hands free for packing or order picking activities, the scissor lift can also be equipped with a foot switch instead of a hand control unit. This not only makes work easier for your employees, but also increases your logistical efficiency.

Hot-dip galvanising

Hot-dip galvanising of components is particularly advantageous when they come into contact with water. This could not be completely ruled out here either. Therefore, the customer decided to play it safe and hot-dip galvanising instead of paint. This guarantees that the customer will enjoy his lift tables for a long time to come.

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