Lift table for private use

We do not only manufacture for industrial applications, but also for private customers. This lift table was ordered by a customer in Switzerland to lift a whirlpool in his garden.

For a better view

Our customer has a property with excellent views directly into the valley. To enjoy this view from the whirlpool, the architect came up with the idea of installing a scissor lift table that raises the whirlpool by almost half a metre.

Effective protection against moisture

Because the lift table is out in the open, all steel components were hot-dip galvanised and then powder-coated in RAL 9005 (jet black). This approach was followed to prevent premature corrosion due to moisture. In view of the possible contact with water, the operating system of the lift platform complies with protection class IP65. The high protection class allows the control unit to be installed in a damp environment.

Sturdy and stable

To compensate for some unevenness of the floor, the base frame of the scissor lift was equipped with levelling feet. These are used to perfectly align the lift table and so ensure a high degree of stability and make it safe to raise the whirlpool.

Internal hydraulic power unit

For space reasons, the under-oil unit was installed inside the galvanised scissor lift. As the drive unit must be accessible for maintenance purposes or in case of a malfunction, we have provided an inspection flap in the platform, which can be easily opened by loosening the four fastening screws.

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