Lift table to transport the disabled

Without further aids, stairs are an insurmountable obstacle for a wheelchair user. To enable access to the second floor, a ramp, a lift or, as in this case, a lift table suitable for the disabled is required.

This lift table is used to enable wheelchair users to move between two levels. Special requirements necessary to guarantee its safe operation apply to the design of the lift table. We would like to go into these special requirements and features below.

Safety equipment

Lowering in case of a power failure

When people are being transported, it must be ensured that they can leave the platform even in the event of a power failure. To guarantee this, we install an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in our aerial work platforms, wheelchair lift tables and other scissor lifts suitable for transporting people. We do it because
In this case, a classic emergency release does not work. In order to achieve a higher safety level, we always use electrically pilot-operated check valves for such applications. The lift lowers when the electrically pilot-operated check valves are activated. The UPS now ensures that even in the event of a power failure there is enough energy to control the valves so that the platform can be safely lowered.

Overload measurement

Apart from a very solid construction, an interaction between hydraulic protection valves and electronic pressure sensors prevents the scissor lift from being overloaded. When the lift platform is in the bottom position, a pressure relief valve ensures that it does not start if the load is too heavy.

Unfortunately a pressure relief valve fails in the top stroke position. For this reason, we monitor the pressure in the hydraulic system using an electronic pressure switch. If the pressure set by us is exceeded, the lift table cannot be moved and a warning message is issued to the operator.

Safety without foot protection safety edge

If you know a little about scissor lift tables, you will miss a safety feature. This lift table was delivered without a foot protection safety edge. This is possible because the lift table runs in a fully closed shaft. 

Inspection logbook

An inspection logbook was delivered with the scissor lift table. As soon as the maintenance work has been successfully completed, it can be entered in the logbook. Just like a motorcar service record, this shall ensure that the lift table is always in perfect condition and that all safety equipment functions perfectly.

Other special features

Compensation for structural tolerances

The construction industry finds it difficult to maintain tight tolerances. For this reason, our lift tables are equipped with sufficient adjustment possibilities that can be used to compensate for tolerances customary in construction.

For example, the bottom position can be adjusted with millimetre precision using the mounting bolts or the levelling feet. In turn, the combination of top end stop and lifting limit switch ensures that the stop at the top landing is precisely executed.

All-round stainless-steel edge

This lift table is used in a museum. For this reason, the platform surface should also meet certain design requirements. For the lift table to integrate as seamlessly as possible into the environment, we have equipped it with a surrounding platform edge. If the same floor is incorporated inside this platform edge as on the surrounding surfaces, the lift table integrates perfectly into the environment.

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