Lift table with chain conveyor

This project is a good example of a partnership between customer and supplier from which both sides benefit: As a lift table manufacturer, we supplied the mechanics and basic hydraulics of the lift platform, while our customer, a specialist in conveyor technology, installed the chain conveyor.

The lift table is an integral part of a conveyor system which fully automatically transports Euro pallets and industrial pallets from the delivery area to the high-bay warehouse and out again.

Greasable bearing points

Although the scissor lift table only makes one effective stroke of less than 200 mm in normal operation, its use in multi-shift operation and the high stroke frequency puts enormous strain on the bearing points.

For this reason, the entire lift platform was equipped with greasable bearings, which considerably increases the durability of the bearings.

Maintenance stroke

The relatively small effective stroke of just under 200 mm is of course not sufficient if maintenance work has to be carried out on the scissor lift table. Therefore, the lift platform can be raised by a total of 900 mm when necessary. This allows easy access to the sensors and hydraulic cylinders.

Terminal strip instead of control unit

Because the lift table is part of an automated conveyor system, the scissor lift does not have a fully-fledged control system. Instead, the sensors and the power unit were connected to a terminal strip. This allows the scissor lift to be easily integrated into the control system of the complete plant.

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