Lift table with feets

If it's necessary to relocate your scissor lift table during the operational process, feet under the self-supporting subframe provide an efficient and cost-effective solution. This design allows for easy access with a hand pallet truck.

Comfort through foot space

Another advantage is the foot space. For instance, when assembly work is carried out on the scissor lift table, the employee's mobility is hardly restricted by the substructure. Additionally, the feet are not exposed to any immediate risk of being crushed by the scissors.

Custom adjustments for maximum efficiency

Foot pedal for hands-free operation: At the special request of a customer, this lift table was equipped with a foot pedal instead of a hand control. This setup allows both hands to remain free for assembly work. Additionally, it is equipped with an emergency stop feature, so the lifting motion can be immediately halted in an emergency.

Safety edge to prevent falling loads: An additional protective measure is the 40 mm high, surrounding edge on the platform. Since work involves rolling loads, it prevents workpieces from falling off.

Clear signs for safety

The hydraulic lift table features a yellow and black warning marking on the platform frame. The safety marking is intended to draw attention to the hazard zone created by the scissor motion. It is available in self-adhesive or painted versions.

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