Lift table with feets

If the lift table needs to be moved occasionally for process-related reasons, feet under the self-supporting base frame are an inexpensive solution, as a pallet truck can be pushed underneath the lift table without the need for cost-intensive purchased parts.

Another advantage is the “foot-room”. If, for example, the scissor lift has to be used for maintenance or assembly work, the employee is hardly restricted in his freedom of movement by the substructure. In addition, the feet are not exposed to any direct risk of crushing by the scissors.

Extras of this lift

The lift platform was equipped with a footswitch instead of a hand switch at the customer’s request. This leaves both hands free for assembly or maintenance work. As the foot control has an emergency stop device, the lifting movement of the lift table can be stopped easily in case of danger. Another individual safety measure is the 40-mm-high surrounding edge on the platform. As our customer works with rolling loads, this is to prevent the components to be worked on from falling off.

Of course, customer requirements are also taken into account in the surface treatment. For example, this platform is painted in RAL 5008 (blue-grey) instead of our standard RAL colours 3020 (traffic red) and RAL 7016 (anthracite grey). Talk to us about the colour you prefer.

Clear signs for safety

When looking at the scissor lift table, the yellow and black warning marking on the platform frame immediately catches the eye. The safety marking is intended to raise awareness of the danger point caused by the scissoring movement. The warning marking is available as a self-adhesive strip but it can also be painted on.

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