Lift table with manual roller conveyor

With many lift tables, the special features only become apparent upon closer inspection. However, the manual roller conveyor on the featured scissor lift table is immediately noticeable.

Massive scissor lift table for industrial loads

The lift table depicted in the images is robustly constructed and designed for high loads. It can handle components weighing up to 1,000 kg into the production line, making it ideal for roller conveyors designed to transport heavy loads. 
For smooth load handling, the conveyor rollers are relatively closely spaced: The rollers shown have a diameter of 50 mm and an axle spacing of just 55 mm.

Narrow lift table platform for specific installation situations

The uniqueness of the lift table platform becomes particularly evident when considering the dimensions. To accommodate the customer's narrow roller conveyor, we have supplied a narrowly constructed scissor lift table. Instead of the usual two hydraulic cylinders, a single cylinder is used, capable of providing the necessary lifting power.

Our elevated standard: Features for safety and precision

This order offers the same high-quality features as our standard lift tables. These include:

  • Maintenance supports: These allow for safe maintenance work under the lift table platform. 
  • Articulated leveling feet: They compensate for uneven floors to create a stable base.
  • Expansion anchors: These are used for securely anchoring the lift table to the site's floor. 
  • Rubber-coated positioning bolts: They allow for smooth and precise docking into the lower holding position. 
  • Toe protection safety strips: These protect feet from injuries caused by pinching between the lift table platform and the floor. 
  • Pipe rupture safety devices in the cylinder: They ensure that the load is securely held even in the event of a hose burst.

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