Lift table with manual roller conveyor

It is often only at second glance that it becomes apparent that the lift table presented has a special feature. But with this scissor lift table it is different. You immediately notice the manual roller conveyor.

Roller conveyor for bigger loads

If you look at the images below, you can easily see that this scissor lift is solidly built. It can bring components weighing up to 1,000 kg into the production line and this also makes it suitable for roller conveyors that are intended for transporting heavy loads.
To ensure that the load can be easily handled by the rollers, the conveyor rollers must be arranged relatively close together. The rollers shown in the photo have a diameter of 50 mm, while the centre distance between the individual rollers is only 55 mm.

Narrow lift table platform

Another special feature only becomes apparent when you take a closer look at the platform dimensions. Because the customer's roller conveyor was narrow, the scissor lift table should also be built correspondingly narrow. For this reason, instead of the usual two cylinders, we installed one cylinder that is capable of exerting the force required to lift the load.

Our high standard

Of course, the equipment features of our standard lift tables were also incorporated in this lift table. These include:

  • Maintenance supports
    to safely carry out maintenance work underneath the lift table platform.
  • Levelling feet
     to compensate for unevenness in the existing floor.
  • Expansion anchors
    to fasten the lift table to the floor on site.
  • Rubberised mounting bolts
    for smooth, precise entry into the bottom stop position.
  • All-round foot protection safety edges,
    so that no one can hurt their feet between the lift table platform and the surrounding floor.
  • Pipe rupture safety valves in the cylinder,
    so that the load is still held securely even in the event of a hose bursting.

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