Lift table with rail undercarriage

One special feature immediately catches the eye: the rail wheels on the base frame. With the help of the undercarriage, the lift table can be moved on an on-site rail at the customer. The rollers on the platform are another extra. They are used as a special load-handling device... 

What task is the lift table used for?

The scissors lift table is designed to simplify the machining of pipes with diameters between 18 and 30 inches. The length of the pipes can vary considerably. For this reason the base frame was equipped with four double-flange rollers. They allow easy movement on an existing rail system.

The counterpart of the mobile lift table has a fixed height and includes a rotary drive to comfortably machine the pipes placed on it from any side.
The lifting function of the lift platform is used to keep the pipes exactly horizontal. It would have been possible to adjust the bolted-on fixed castors of the platform, but this was not necessary in view of the existing pipe diameters.

Special features

Rail undercarriage with double-flange rollers

The customer already had an on-site rail system in place. This was also to be used for the lift table. For this reason, the choice of roller type and track gauge was based on the on-site conditions. 
As the scissor lift is only moved without load, a rail undercarriage without its own drive is sufficient. The low frictional resistance between metal and metal, as well as the roller bearings of the flanged rollers used, allows it to be moved with very little effort.

Vulkollan® fixed castors as load-handling device

The lift table serves as an abutment to accommodate pipes with a diameter between 18 and 30 inches. The pipe must be supported so that it can be rotated for easy machining from all sides.
Vulkollan® fixed castors were chosen as load-handling device. The rollers are equipped with roller bearings to keep the resistance for the rotating movement of the pipe as low as possible. Furthermore, the Vulkollan® running surface is characterised by enormous resistance and low wear. The robust design of the lift table will give the lift table a long service life for the customer to enjoy.

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