Lift table with raised base frame

If the lift platform needs to be moved more frequently as part of the production process, a lift table with a raised base frame provides the suitable solution. The raised lift platform allows it to be lifted by an electric pallet truck or forklift and easily transported to the desired location. Your production gains in efficiency by minimising set-up times.


The scissor lift is often used as an assembly or work table, not only because it can quickly be repositioned, but working on heavy components at an ergonomic height also allows a method of working that eases the physical strain and is less tiring. This has a positive effect on the performance of employees.

Individual solutions

Depending on the customer’s needs, various modifications can be offered. The manual endlessly rotating platform is a popular additional feature, especially in assembly tables. In this way, components that are difficult to access can be turned into ergonomically more favourable work positions, thus ensuring better handling of bulky components.

A hydraulic hand pump makes sense for the somewhat smaller budget. It is not only easy to operate, but also works without electric power. This saves on electricity costs.

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