Lift table with tandem scissor

A tandem lift table has two scissors arranged one behind the other. This design enables the lifting of large, heavy loads with a relatively low effective stroke. A typical application is the handling of long materials or large panels.

Installing a tandem lift table in a pit: When does it make sense?

The installation of a tandem lift table in a pit is advisable when local space conditions are limited or when it is necessary to allow for drive-over, such as with a hand pallet truck. 
Even with a pit installation, positioning the unit within the hydraulic lift table is not a problem: The drive unit remains accessible at all times thanks to a service opening in the platform.

An unusual load test

In this video, we demonstrate an unusual load test: instead of test weights, our service cart is effortlessly lifted.
 Discover the versatile applications of our tandem scissor lift tables and take a look at more impressive references.

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