Lift table with tandem scissors

The tandem lift has two scissors that are arranged one behind the other. This design enables the lifting of large, heavy loads with a relatively small effective stroke. A typical application is the handling of long stock or large panels during sawing.

Pit installation

Pit installation makes sense if the scissor lift has to be driven over by vehicles due to lack of space or when loading with a pallet truck. Placing the power unit inside the lift table does not pose a problem, as the unit is accessible via an inspection opening in the platform.

You are not alone

We are happy to assist you – not only in the design and manufacture, but also in the installation of the lift platform. Just contact us and we’ll provide you with a quotation tailored to your needs. Of course you will receive instructions and training on the handling of the system after we have installed and commissioned the lift platform.

Unusual load test

As you can see in this video, not only panels and long stock can be moved. It even lifts our company car effortlessly. Form your own opinion of the wide range of possible applications and have a look at the other reference projects related to tandem scissor lifts.

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