Lift table with weighing device

The two lift tables pictured above are almost identical to our standard lift table model H-0200-0800-0010 and play a crucial role in the picking of customer orders. In this article, we will show you the minor modifications that were specifically implemented for these applications.

Integrated weighing system

Our 2,000 kg standard lift table often proves to be a practical aid in shipping and order picking tasks, as demonstrated by this specific project. 
With a customer-installed roller conveyor and load cell, the weight of goods on the lift table is directly determined, making separate weighing of the items unnecessary. 
We can also supply the weighing device. Contact us to receive a tailored quote. Find your contact person here.

Speed counts

Our scissor lift table can optionally be equipped with foot operation to free up both hands for your employees to handle packing or order picking tasks. This solution not only makes work easier but also enhances your logistical performance.

Hot-dip galvanising for durability

Hot-dip galvanising of components increases their resistance to mechanical stresses. For this reason, our customer has opted for galvanized scissor lift tables. Thanks to the robust surface protection, our customer will enjoy the lift tables for a long time.

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