Lift tables for off-centre loads

There are applications where off-centre loads cannot be avoided. Exactly such a case had to be solved in this case. It's good to have a partner who knows what he's doing ...

The nominal load

The specified nominal load of a lift table always refers to an even distribution of the load to be lifted. More weight on one side places a bigger load on the scissor lift table, which necessitates a more robust design..

Fortunately, our customer realised that he could not use a standard 2,000-kg lift table in his application. It was clear to him that such a scissor lift would not be able to carry the entire load on just one side. So, he turned to us with his problem and we supplied him with a sturdier lift table. This robust industrial design is able to carry the entire load on one long side, so that nothing stands in the way of many years of safe operation of the lift table.

Other special features

In addition to the handling of off-centre loads, the lift table also has a number of other smaller special features, which we list briefly below.

M10 threaded holes in the platform

Our customer uses the lift table to mount a special load carrier. To facilitate assembly on our lift tables, we have drilled a total of thirteen M10 threaded holes in the platform. The drilling pattern for these threads was provided by the customer to perfectly match the existing load carriers to be mounted.


A bellows was installed under the lift table to protect the hazard area underneath it. This prevents operators from reaching directly into the scissors of the lift platform.

It goes without saying that the lift table is equipped with a safety edge which stops the lowering movement in case such a need arises.

Raised base frame

The lift tables are used at several locations in the customer's assembly shop. The raised base frame of the scissor lift tables makes them easier to move. This means that the lift table can easily be transported to the new location using an electric high-lift stacker or a pallet truck.

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