Lifting work table as allrounder

This lifting work table is a real all-rounder and has an undercarriage, a rotating platform and an extension ...

Description of application

The lifting work table is used to assemble transformers, which are used in wind turbines, for example. The transformer plates are placed on one half of the rotary platform, then removed piece by piece and installed in the transformer. The rotary platform is then rotated by 180 °, reloaded and the remaining plates are installed. To facilitate the removal of the plates, the rotary platform stands on an extension. This allows the rotary platform to protrude over the transformer so that the employee can easily reach the stack of sheets. The undercarriage with its fixed and swivelling castors allow the flexible use of the lifting work table so that it can always be moved to where it is needed. A parking brake ensures that it stands firmly and safely in one place during assembly work.
Of course, like all our tables, the height of the lift table can be adjusted to improve workstation ergonomics. All in all, the multifunctional lifting work table is extremely adaptable and makes assembly work much easier. The video below shows the extension and the rotating platform.


The extension can be operated manually. It is equipped with electric ratcheting and clicks every 50 mm into its own perforated rail. It is fixed with the aid of a high-quality lock. This prevents the rotating platform from being accidentally pushed forward.

Rotating platform

The rotating platform is an endlessly rotating plate that is turned by hand. To prevent the risk of crushing and shearing due to an unfavourable position of the rotating platform during lifting and lowering, the zero position is queried. The scissor lift table can only be moved when the rotary plate is locked at 180 °.  An important aspect in terms of occupational safety.

Tailored to your needs

The requirements are as varied as the applications for lifting work tables. But as we are a manufacturer, we can tailor the lifting work tables exactly to your needs. Regardless of whether you need different dimensions or additional equipment, please contact us. We will prepare an individual offer for you.

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