Lifting work table: solid & practical

Lifting work tables are not a rarity among our reference projects, but this lift table is probably unique. Starting with the very high working load limit (WLL) in a small space, but also the small well thought-out extras make this lift table a real helper.

The obvious

One look at the design of the scissors already reveals that this was the making of a solid scissor lift table with a high working load limit (WLL). The data sheet mentions something like 5 tons, but this is only half the truth. This scissor lift table has a nominal working load limit (WLL) of 9,000 kg!
But why, if the customer wants it to carry 5,000 kg and we build a 9,000 kg lift table? This may sound strange at first, but can be quickly explained. The nominal load of a lift table always refers to an evenly distributed load (refer to our article: How much does a 1,000 kg scissor lift table carry?). Our customer uses the lifting work table to repair heavy injection moulding tools and to machine these tools comfortably, flexibility is crucial when placing them on the work surface. It is therefore possible that the 5,000 kg may have a very unfavourable effect, for example by acting eccentrically on one long side.

The hidden helpers

It makes sense to rethink every work process when workplaces are redesigned. There may be other ways to make work in the workshop easier. Our customer has put a lot of thought into this so that an optimal solution was found in the end.

The hatch

There is a 100-mm-diameter opening in the platform. The injection moulding tools to be machined sometimes have a longer channel. Because these sections cannot take the entire load of the tool, the old workbenches needed a lining.
We incorporated a suitable hatch in the platform saving the worker one work step allowing him to start working immediately. The fact that this increases safety, because the injection moulding tool always rests on the full surface, is another nice side-effect.

Solid down to the smallest detail

We have already said enough about the sturdy substructure. What may be less noticeable is the solid worktop. Regardless of the load, the plate should not be prone to bulging or the like, which is the reason for the lift table’s solid 20-mm-thick plate. This guarantees years of reliability.

What is also noticeable is that the platform surface is not painted. Injection moulding tools are precision tools, so even small impurities can lead to a problem in later production. For this reason, the surface of the tables was only blasted and not painted, to avoid the risk of paint being scratched off. To avoid having small paint particles interfering in the later production process.

Convenient yet safe

Convenience and safety do not have to be mutually exclusive. So that the employees do not always have to bend down, a 230V socket and a compressed air connection were installed in each corner of the platform. This means that the tools required for maintenance can be conveniently connected and used at work height.
As the placing of these fixtures underneath the platform was not desired, a problem was encountered. The underside of the platform is secured with a foot protection safety edge. Cutting an opening in the side plates will create unsecured shear and pinch edges. The solution: we hide the connections behind a flap. This is detected by an electrical sensor, so that a lifting movement is only possible when the flap is closed. The perfect combination of convenience and safety.

Speaking of convenience. It is also noticeable that the lift table is raised, although the length of the scissors would easily have been sufficient for the desired effective stroke.
In this case, the raised table neither serves to increase the overall height, nor does it create the possibility to drive an electric high-lift stacker under it. Its sole purpose is to make work more comfortable for the employees by creating enough clearance for the feet, so that one can stand comfortably at the lifting work table for a long time.

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