Loading lift table in front of a ramp

Loading lift tables are typically used to compensate for differences in level to achieve the following:

  • To load and unload trucks
  • To compensate for height differences in front of and inside warehouses

In this case, the loading lift table is designed for use on a ramp and it lifts goods from floor level to ramp level. Below are some characteristic features of loading lift tables.

Loading flaps

Loading flaps are common additional equipment on loading lift tables. The loading flaps bridge the gap between lift table and ramp or truck and facilitate loading and unloading. The special feature of this loading lift table is the loading flaps which are recessed into the platform. The loading flaps are usually attached in front of the platform. In this case, however, it was not possible because the pit already existed and the lift table had to be adapted to the dimensions of the pit.

Suitable for outdoor use

Outdoors, the lift table is exposed to certain weather conditions. For this reason, the scissor lift table need to special protection. An important aspect is the surface protection. All structural components that may come into contact with moisture over a longer period of time are hot-dip galvanised. These include the railing, the gantry, the loading flaps, the platform and the base frame. However, the scissors are not galvanised, but primed, sealed and painted. This is sufficient as the scissors are protected from aggressive moisture for most of the time by the platform, the base frame and the predominantly lowered lifting position.

Of course, the electrical system must also meet the special requirements of outdoor use. To protect the electrical components against water, the entire electrical system is designed to meet IP65 specifications. An additional control unit in a stainless steel box was also mounted on the wall to operate the lift table. This prevents damage to the electrical system caused by moisture.

With every platform that is walked on, care should be taken to ensure that the platform has an non-slip coating. Especially wetness and dirt increase the danger of slipping on smooth surfaces many times over. That is why we use chequer plate on lift tables that are used outdoors.

Another aspect that is becoming increasingly important today is environmental protection. In environmentally sensitive areas, such as water protection areas, the legislator often requires the use of biodegradable hydraulic oil. So also in this case. We use biodegradable ester-based oil for our lift tables. This prevents the contamination of water or soil with mineral oil.

Safety equipment

Because people ride along on the loading lift table, we use electrically pilot-operated check valve on the cylinders. If there is a leak or a hose ruptures, the platform is held securely in position by the valves and uncontrolled dropping is prevented. As the hydraulic valves only open when an electrical voltage is applied, the platform must have an uninterruptible power supply. This guarantees that employees can safely move the work platform to the bottom position even in the event of a power failure.

Another safety plus is the PVC roller screen under the platform. Acting as a barrier, it prevents access to the hazard zone underneath the platform.

The side railings are removable. This means that the platform can be driven over by trucks when lowered. To prevent people from falling off the platform when riding on the lift tables, it must be ensured that the railings are always in place as soon as the loading lift table leaves the bottom position. For this reason, the railings are electrically queried. The same applies to the crossbar of the gantry. It provides fall protection for the top landing and can be removed for loading operations. The crossbar is also electrically queried.

Other extras

The customer decided on a foot control to make loading and unloading as pleasant as possible for the employees. The foot control is embedded in the platform under a flap and has an up/down button and an emergency stop button.

If the loading lift table is permanently loaded with too heavy loads, it will cause mechanical damage to the platform. The lift table is protected against overloading by an overload measurement device. In addition, the overload measurement device acts directly on the horn and signal lamp, so that the employee immediately sees and hears when the loading lift table has been overloaded.

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