Loading lift table with large platform

This loading lift table has a large platform with a surface area of 3.5 x 2.4 metres and is therefore ideally suited for the transport of bulky loads ...

What is the loading lift table used for?

The loading lift is used in the warehouse of a furniture company. Furniture is loaded onto trucks and then delivered to end customers from here. The wide platform of the loading lift is necessary to handle the quite bulky furniture. This allows the furniture to be loaded into the truck effortlessly. The segmented loading flaps on the long side of the platform are there to facilitate the loading process. These are placed on the tail lift of the truck so that there is no gap between the loading lift table and the truck. The furniture can now be easily pushed into the truck.

Safety equipment

Because there is a person is on the platform during lifting and lowering, some safety aspects must be observed.
One point is the control panel to operate the lift table. The control panel is installed on the platform and must be in a position from where the operator has a clear view of the hazard area. This is to prevent people from walking under the platform unnoticed. The railing and the railing gate are intended to prevent people from falling off the platform. The open sections of the railing are covered with sheet metal to prevent furniture parts from slipping between the railings and being damaged.

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