More ergonomics at work

This single scissor lift table enables employees in a parcel centre to work more ergonomically. The lift table ensures easy adjustment to different body sizes and includes an anti-fatigue mat for comfortable standing.

Maintain posture

Working in a logistics centre can be a strain on the back. Often countless, sometimes very heavy packages have to be repacked and stacked in one shift.
Our customer's employees also had problems with the monotonous movement. Especially the sick leave in the respective departments painted a clear picture, so that a solution had to be found.

This is where we come into the picture with our customised aerial work platform. The lift mechanism allows the employees to adjust the pick-up height of the packages exactly to their optimal working height. This allows back-friendly working even when employees of different sizes are working on the same conveyor.
Furthermore, the scissor lift was equipped with an anti-fatigue mat at the customer's request. For this purpose we have provided a small edge on the platform, so that the anti-fatigue mat can be easily removed after a few years and replaced if necessary. This is much more preferable than a situation where the mat is glued on.

Little extras for more comfort

Other extras of these lift tables include:

  • A bolt-on railing
    To prevent an employee from falling off the lift platform and adding to the sick-leave count.
  • A platform control unit
    To adjust the desired work height directly on the platform.
  • Ride-along stairs
    After all, you don't want to have to lower the scissor lift when you quickly need to get off (the stairs have a grab rail and small built-in rollers).
  • A bellows under the lift table platform
    To make sure that nobody can get into the hazard zone under the lift table.

Actually, it is not necessary to mention that of course all requirements of EN 1570-1 have been met and that the normal equipment features of our standard lift table are also available. A good example of this are our maintenance support struts, which without exception go with every scissor lift that leaves our factory.

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