Plant lift table

Scissor lift tables that operate at high cycle rates and are subject to heavy loads are referred to as plant lift tables. For this reason, there are some basic points to consider, which we would like to explain briefly using an example.

Classic application of a plant lift table

This lift table is an integral part of a conveyor system. The customer installed a powered roller conveyor on the platform that can transport goods of up to 200 kg. The direction of conveyance is over the narrow side of the platform.

What had to be taken into account?

Easy integration of the sensors and actuators into the customer's control system

As it is an automatic system, all consumers or signal transmitters were wired on a terminal strip. This allowed the easy integration into the customer's control system of the plant.

Lubrication of bearings at high cycle rates

A total of 65 strokes per hour are carried out in a 2-shift operation. In view of these high loads, it is essential that bearings can be lubricated. The high number of cycles also requires short lifting and lowering times, which in this case are about 10 seconds per lifting or lowering action.

Sturdy structural design

Another plus is the sturdy, robust design of the scissor lift table. As a result, availability is extremely high even in multi-shift operation. A basic requirement for optimal material flow.

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