Positioning with millimetre accuracy

This hydraulic lift table allows movement to any lifting position with an accuracy of +/- 1 mm. The desired height is detected by a cable length sensor and can be easily adjusted on the control panel.

What task is the lift table used for?

Six claws are screwed onto the scissor lift table as load-handling devices. A roller carriage is then positioned over the lift table and lifted. The lifting height of the roller carriage can be adjusted on the control panel with an accuracy of +/- 1 mm.

Special features

Positioning accuracy of +/- 1 millimetre

The excellent positioning accuracy of the scissor lift is achieved by a combination of a programmable logic controller and a cable retract encoder. The cable retract encoder provides the control circuit with the current lifting height at short intervals, while the programmable logic controller actuates the valves and motors.

24 threaded holes for an existing load-handling device

The roller carriage is securely fastened to six claws mounted on the lift table platform by the customer. A total of twenty-four M8 threaded holes were required to mount the claws. The drill holes were positioned strictly according to the customer's specifications.

Bellows as barrier

As people are working on the lift table, any possible danger should be excluded as far as possible. In addition to the prescribed foot protection safety edge, the lift table is equipped with a bellows as a barrier, which effectively prevents anyone reaching into the lifting mechanism of the scissor lift table.

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