Quality pays off!

The greatest praise a customer can give us as a lift table manufacturer is a repeat order. In this case, two double-scissor lift tables followed on the first.

More efficient processes through lift tables

These three scissor lift tables are used for punching in the packaging industry. The idea was developed At MM Graphia in Bielefeld, Germany, that lifting equipment could reduce the set-up time when loading new die templates.

These assumptions were confirmed when the first double-scissor lift table started to operate. It is therefore not surprising that the company's various dies are now to be retrofitted bit by bit to achieve a reduction in production costs.

Specifications of the double-scissor lift table

The basic specifications of the lift table have not changed since the first order, so that the special features of the scissor lift have also remained the same. Therefore we can recommend the old article on the reference project to anyone who is interested in details. For a quick overview, here the most important special features:

  • Hot-dip galvanised base frame
  • Hot-dip galvanised platform
  • Lifting and lowering limit switch for position limitation
  • Very narrow platform
  • Chequer plate as platform

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