Scissor lift table with platform door

On request, we can also supply additionally required safety devices for each of our lift tables. The reference photo shows a scissor lift table that was supplied with two doors ...

How a new building can become a problem

Our client was faced with a challenge that is frequently encountered in everyday life. The floor level of the building extension did not match the level of the existing office section – the new building was almost half a metre higher. The most obvious solution would of course be to build a short staircase. But what if trolleys full of files and office supplies have to be transported? How can these be moved back and forth between the buildings as quickly as possible?

A ramp was not an alternative

The limited space available quickly had the idea of a long ramp discarded. So, we were asked to supply a compact lift table including the two electromechanically locked doors and also to install it later.

Why two electromechanically locked doors?

One of the two doors is located on the platform of the scissor lift table and prevents the trolleys from rolling off the platform. The second door was installed on the top landing to prevent any existing danger of falling from a height.

Both doors are connected to the limit switches of the lift table. They can therefore only be opened when the lift table platform is in the top or bottom position. An exception is the emergency release by means of a special key, which allows the doors to be opened in any position.

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