Stainless steel lift table

If surfaces can come into contact with food, they must be as easy as possible to clean. Naturally, this also applies to lift tables used in the food industry. This is the reason why we have equipped the lift table shown above with a stainless steel platform and a stainless steel base frame.

As already mentioned in the introduction, the aim is to clean all surfaces as easily as possible. The components should of course also be as resistant as possible to the cleaning agents being used. This explains why the base frame and the platform are made of stainless steel.
During normal operation, the scissors are protected by the platform above it and therefore do not need to be cleaned as intensively. Nevertheless, some of the cleaning water will run off onto it. And although cheaper mild steel was used for the scissors, they were hot-dip galvanised after welding for this reason. The hot-dip galvanising has a higher resistance to liquids than powder coating or painting, for example.

But not only the scissors get some of the spray water, but possibly also the control system. For this reason, the entire electrical system conforms to protection class IP 65.
The base frame is raised so that dirt cannot accumulate unnoticed underneath the scissor lift table.

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