Standard lift table with minor modifications

We wondered whether we should publish articles about standard lift tables as part of our reference projects. We've hesitated for some time ...

Could an article about standard lift tables be interesting?

Admittedly, there is not much new to report in the standard section, especially since main pages on standard lift tables with various dimensions and working load limits (WLL) already exist on our homepage. Nevertheless, we would like to inform you about our standard lift tables from time to time as part of our reference projects, so that you do not get the impression that we only produce special solutions. Moreover, minor modifications to our standard lift tables that make them interesting are requested time and again.

Deviations from the standard version

The scissor lift table shown here is one of our 2,000 kg standard lift tables. It is type H-0200-0800-0010 with a platform length of 1,250 mm and a width of 830 mm. Actually, this table has no special features. The only difference is the galvanised base frame and platform. The customer requested the surface protection so that the paint is not damaged when working on the lift table, as the table is used as a lifting work table. Of course, we can customise every table with various lift table accessories. Just talk to us, it’s as easy as that. We look forward to your enquiry.

Enquire about this lift table ...

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