Standard lift table with slight modifications

Lift tables are used with one or the other special feature are almost always used for outdoor advertising. However, we do not want to forget the standard lift tables, which successfully do their job in many sectors of industry. This lift table is such a standard lift table, albeit with two slight modifications ...

Our page for standard lift tables contains extensive information about our basic versions. What does the basic equipment include? What safety features are incorporated? What are the different basic types (e.g. standard lift tables from 500 kg to standard lift tables for 3,000 kg)? For this reason, I only want to deal with the two modifications in this article:

Lifting limit switch

A lifting limit switch is used for the scissor lift table shown here to flexibly adjust the end height of the lift table. When this sensor is reached, the drive is switched off and the scissor lift table stops in the current position.

Inspection opening

Because the scissor lift has an internal power unit, an inspection opening is recessed into the platform. This allows access to the control system and the drive unit in the event of an emergency.

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