Standard lift tables for 750 kg

Our reference projects usually focus on lift tables that have one or the other special feature. With this order we would like to show you that standard lift tables also belong to our product line.

Like all standard lift tables, this lift table is equipped with an internal power unit. This allows easy commissioning for the customer, as he only has to lift the scissor lift table by the transport attachment and bring it to the place of use. The lift table is ready for operation as soon as the power supply has been connected and the lift table has been aligned.

The scissor lift shown above lies exactly between our lift table for 500 kg and our lift table for 1,000 kg. It deviates from our standard lift tablein the following aspects:

  • Customised platform dimensions
  • Adjustable lifting limit switch
  • Control panel with magnetic fixing
  • Customised colour

Customised platform dimensions

Our entire modular system is designed for flexibility, so that we can implement customised platform dimensions without a major increase in costs. For you as the customer, this means you choose the platform dimensions that suit your installation site and you are not bound by any sizes that we specified.

Adjustable lifting limit switch

In a simple scissor lift, the bottom position of the platform is adjusted with the help of the placement bolts. The top position in turn can be adjusted by the end stop of the scissor. This means that the installation of limit switches is usually not necessary.

However, if the top stop of the lift table needs to be adjustable within a very broad range, the use of an adjustable lift limit switch is recommended. Once the Allen screw of the limit switch slide is loosened, it can be easily moved on the rail and so a different end height can be set.

Control panel with magnetic fixing

As most of the controls are permanently installed on the workstation, our control panels usually do not require magnetic fixing. In this case, however, the customer wanted to be able to position the hand control very easily anywhere, so a control fitted with a magnetic plate was supplied.

These magnetic plates are compatible with all our standard controls. If you are interested in this attachment option, you can easily retrofit the magnetic plate later.

Customised colour

If the customer does not specify any specific colours, we use a black and red colour scheme. As you can see from the other reference projects, we rarely stick to these colours.

The lift table should often not stand out from the other machines, but should fit in with the corporate identity of the end customer. So, you have the option to get the lift table in the colour of your choice.

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