Tandem lift table for sawing

Supporting long, bulky materials being cut by a mitre saw or similar is essential. Even better if the support is height adjustable ...

Convenient feeding of the stock

A height-adjustable lift table is ideal to create ergonomic work conditions at the saw. Depending on the thickness of the material, the optimum work height can be set at the touch of a button. The square tubes welded onto the platform allow the scissor lift table to be loaded effortlessly by crane or forklift. The centre-to-centre spacing between the square tubes is approximately 500-600 mm. The video below provides an impression of the application.

Static flow divider for synchronous operation of the scissors

The length of the platform must be long enough to handle the beams to be sawn. At lengths of up to 6 metres, single scissors would have made little sense. Two working in parallel is the better solution. 
A flow divider is used to synchronies the operation of the scissors. This ensures that the scissors are raised and lowered synchronously so that the platform is not tilted, even if the load is unevenly distributed. This is particularly important for sawing work, as the stock is fed to the saw via the platform and the lift table is therefore almost always loaded off-centre.

Warning marking

Danger points must be clearly identifiable and permanently marked. There is a real risk that long beams can pinch the saw blade or fall off the platform. To make employees aware of the possible danger area, we have provided the edge of the platform with a yellow and black warning marking. The warning marking was painted on and not glued on to increase its durability.

High-pressure filter

Depending on what is being sawn, a high-pressure filter can also be useful. Quite high levels of dust exposure is especially prevalent in the woodworking industry. To prevent the hydraulic oil from silting up, a high-pressure filter against fine dust can be installed in the pressure line of the unit.

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