Tandem lift table without flow divider

Tandem lift tables are usually used when heavy, long goods need to be lifted to a relatively low height. To provide the long platform, tandem lift tables have two horizontally arranged scissor packs, which are often synchronised by a static flow divider. However, this case is different ...

Without a flow divider – is that even possible?

Yes, in this case the tandem lift table does not need a flow divider. Surely you must be wondering why or how. There are two reasons for this.
On the one hand, the two scissor packs are so close together that the close mechanical coupling largely prevents uneven operating behaviour. On the other hand, there is hardly any uneven load on the platform, even though a chain conveyor is installed on the lift table to transport pallets. This is because the chain conveyor accounts for most of the required load capacity. The comparative weight of the pallets with goods is so low that the uneven load distribution that occurs does not have an additional effect on the scissor lift table. This means that the platform will not tilt, which makes the flow divider superfluous.

Part of a conveyor system – what is different than usual?

Because the lift table is an integral part of an on-site conveyor system, there are the following deviations from the standard equipment.

  • In view of the increased number of cycles, the lift table is equipped with bearings that can be lubricated. This increases the service life of the bearings.
  • The tandem lift table does not have its own control and operating unit. Instead, a terminal strip is provided for integration into the on-site control system. Lifting and lowering limit switches are installed so that the higher-level control system knows when the lift table is up or down.

If the number of cycles is very high, we also use a compact power unit instead of a under-oil unit, as the duty cycle of the compact unit is 100% and therefore it does not overheat.

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