Tandem lift tables with ride-along stairs

If one examines the enquiries of the last few years, there is one easily identifiable trend in the lift table industry. More and more companies are placing an emphasis on the ergonomic design of workstations.

Advantages of ergonomic workstations

The reasons for the ergonomic design of workstations are not always the same, but the biggest advantages should be obvious:

1. Efficiently working employees from the beginning of the shift to the end

Unfortunately, the fatigue of employees during a long, strenuous working day cannot be avoided. However, the ergonomic design of a workstation with the sufficient creation of recovery time increases the effective performance time.

2. Avoidance of forced postures

The infamous back pain is one of the most common causes of sick leave in Germany (see the 2014 Health Report of the Techniker Krankenkasse).). If you want to have healthy employees and a low incidence of sick leave in the long term, you need to address this problem.

Companies have a number of different options when it comes to relieving the burden on employees: whether by providing anti-fatigue mats, standing chairs or, of course, by purchasing a lifting work table or aerial work platform.

3. Greater employee satisfaction

The shortage of skilled workers means that companies need to do more and more to ensure employee satisfaction. One possibility is certainly the creation of pleasant workplaces, even if the ergonomics of the workstation may only come to the fore after a few years and other measures (pleasant atmosphere, good pay, ...) seem more important at first.

Ride-along stairs

We would like to point out one more special feature. The lift table has a ride-along staircase. This allows the employee to comfortably get off the scissor lift table at any time, regardless of whether the tandem lift table is in the top or bottom position.

While the warning markings on the steps are very conspicuous, another special feature of this staircase is not immediately noticeable. The stairs have special plastic rollers instead of the usual metal rollers. This protects the on-site wooden floor.

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