Transportable scissor lift table

If you would like to move your lift table to a new spot occasionally, a raised base frame may be an interesting alternative to a mobile lift table on castors or wheels. In this article we would like to present the four variants of a transportable scissor lift table.

Which variants are available?

There are four versions that allow the lift table to be moved to a new spot:

  1. Our standard lift table
  2. A lift table with a raised base frame
  3. A lift table with wheels 
  4. A lift table with a rail undercarriage

Whichever variant is chosen depends mainly on the question of how often the scissor lift table should be moved. In the following, we will go into more detail about the different advantages and disadvantages of the designs so that you can make an informed decision.

Standard lift table

Even our standard lift table can be moved. Every lift table is supplied with at least four eyebolts, which can be screwed into the threaded holes in the base frame to act as a load attachment point for a crane or transportation with a forklift.

However, the cost of changing location is relatively high compared to the other three options. For example, the threaded rods must be screwed into the base frame and a forklift or crane with the appropriate lifting gear must be available. That makes this variant only suitable if the scissor lift only needs to be moved on very rare occasions. A big advantage, however, is that the overall height of the lift table is not increased by any shelter.

Lift table with raised base frame

A lift table with a raised base frame is always a good choice if the lift platform needs to be moved more frequently but a low-cost solution is still desired. In simple terms, the base frame is simply placed on feet in this variant. This means that a forklift or pallet truck can be pushed underneath the entire lift table, lifted and then repositioned.

Compared to the standard lift table, some time is saved when the location is changed. However, because a forklift or pallet truck is still needed for this, this variant is not an optimal solution if the lift table has to be moved on a daily basis.

Lift table with roller undercarriage

If the lift table has to be moved as part of a process, the lift platform should be equipped with an undercarriage. With a roller undercarriage, swivelling and fixed castors are mounted under the base frame. In contrast to a raised base frame, however, this is associated with higher costs. Apart from the relatively expensive wheels, corresponding flange plates must also be attached to the base frame.

Compared to a raised base frame, however, an undercarriage is also much more flexible. No additional handling aids are required and the lift table can be moved very quickly.

Lift table with rail undercarriage

Basically the same applies to lift tables with a rail undercarriage as to lift platforms with a roller undercarriage. With them the lift table can also be moved quickly, but they are relatively expensive compared to the last two solutions.

In addition, the following aspects immediately catch the eye:
Free movement is not possible with rail undercarriages, because the lift table can only be moved on the existing rails and not away from them. Depending on the application, this feature can of course also be a great advantage, as the position of the scissor lift table can be controlled very easily.
Another aspect is the low rolling resistance compared to normal wheels made of polyamide or polyurethane. As metal wheels usually run on metal rails when a rail undercarriage is used, the friction resistance of the two contact surfaces is very low. This means that larger loads can be moved by hand with a rail undercarriage than with standard swivelling and fixed castors.

Area of application of this lift table

The lift table shown here is used in the final assembly of a battery manufacturer. The intention is not to move this lift table frequently, but the company still wanted to remain flexible when changing the material flow. For this reason, it was decided to use a raised base frame through which the lift table can be easily moved with a forklift.

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