Triple lift table – all good things come in threes

Triple lift tables have three horizontally arranged scissor packs. They are used when a long and narrow platform with a large payload is needed and a single or tandem scissor is not sufficient for stability reasons. Triple lift tables are therefore ideal for handling long, heavy goods.

Description of application

Triple lift tables are mostly used as assembly or lifting work tables. So also in this case. This lift table serves as an ergonomic aid during vehicle assembly.
The scissor lift table is installed in a pit to make the loading process of the chassis as easy as possible. The worker then raises the lift table to the work height that is ideal for him to work comfortably on the chassis. The extremely narrow platform is necessary so that the worker has enough free space to install the wheels on the chassis.

Synchronization of the three scissors

A static flow divider was installed to ensure that the three scissors move up and down evenly. The horizontal scissor packs are synchronously actuated by the flow divider. This guarantees a steady lifting movement without the platform tilting, even with uneven load distribution.

High cycle rates

Fast turnaround times are required for chassis assembly. Accordingly, the triple table is also subject to high loads. To ensure that the triple lift table can perform reliably, the scissor bearings can be lubricated. This means that the bearings can be regreased regularly, which will increased their service life so that you can enjoy your triple lift table for a long time.

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